Services - Road Freight


Here at Comfret we pride ourselves on making sure we can offer a cost effective road freight solution for you anywhere across the globe.

We understand times have changed and some requirements are extremely demanding which is why all of our freight is monitored by experienced logistics professionals every step of the way, providing you with updates whenever they are needed and ensuring safe and successful transport.

Our vehicle range has no limits as we can provide you with Articulated Lorries, 18Ton vehicles, 7.5 Ton, and Vans.

These vehicles also offer a range of different trailers from:

  • Curtain Side - The mainstay of road haulage, this has a rigid roof and rear doors - the sides are PVC curtains that can be drawn back for easy loading
  • Box trailer - An entirely rigid unit, with loading through back doors - a secure option for valuable goods and can also be used for Temperature Controlled goods.
  • Flatbed trailer - used for almost any kind of cargo, but goods need to be protected from the elements and theft.


Pallet Distribution

COMFRET TTD can also offer competitive groupage prices on your smaller pallet consignments.
This is because we are partnered with many national networks including big names such as: PALLETFORCE and THE PALLET NETWORK (TPN) plus many more. Being partnered with so many gives us a great advantage as it enables us to carefully select which service is most efficient and cost effective for all of our customers.

Our aim through these services is to keep things as fair priced as possible. If we can get it at low-cost we want to sell it at low-cost!  

Not sure?

If you are unsure on which mode of transport you require or even the route you should take, our experienced team are on hand to offer expert knowledge to make sure you will receive the most efficient and again cost effective road freight solution.

What we can offer:

  • Same day UK distribution
  • Express / Dedicated UK + European vehicles.
  • Worldwide pallet distribution
  • Wide range of road freight vehicles.
  • 24 hour callout service
  • Real time communications
  • Reliable and honest service
  • Expert advice on any query you may have